Thanks for stopping by. If you’re here for my professional information, here’s the short version:

  • Teachernew: upper & middle school | current: university lecturer  |  experience: all age groups
  • Writeracademic work: U.S. political history  |  freelance: politics, public policy, religion, memoir
  • Researcher – Ph.D., University of Southern California  |  Institute on California and the West, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
  • Leader – academia: Founder/director graduate writing group, resident advisor |  non-profit: regional administrator for instruction, congregation leader

I also love producing databases, policy memos, training programs, and instructional materials. Oh, and public speaking.

You’ll find the details through the tabs up top and the links on the right. Or go ahead and contact me directly. I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities.

Some biographical bits, in case you are looking to start a conversation:

  • I’m a Westerner – born in Seattle, raised in Phoenix, moved to Southern California for college and grad school, now heading to Salt Lake City.
  • I’m a reader – last summer I assigned myself six canonical works of African American literature. Other favorite genres include memoir, fantasy, science fiction, Jewish literature, and “books with that small town feel.” (See my “Commentary” section for book reviews.)
  • I’m a family man – married to a SugarHero and raising a sweet little boy.
  • I’m an organization man – I am looking for work at an institution whose mission I value and where I am invited to innovate in furthering the institution’s goals.