Teaching Overview

Welcome to the teaching section of my site! I have shared a summary of my skill set and approach below, though I’ve also provided a wealth of additional information that I hope you will peruse.

In the tabs above you can learn more about my individual courses. On the right you’ll find links to my résumé, my CV, and highlights from teaching evaluations. I’ve written about the lessons I hope my students learn from history and my lesson on the current state of America’s cities in my “Commentaries” section. And you can read anonymous reviews from my students at Koofers or at Rate My Professors.

Beginning in September, I’ll be teaching history at The Waterford School. I’m excited to be starting this new chapter at an institution that values quality teaching as much as I do.

I am a dynamic, engaging teacher with success at all age levels. My specialties include: U.S. history, American Studies, California and the Southwest, race, suburbanization, religion, and memoir. When teaching, I:

  • Create courses from scratch to fit the needs of students and organizations.
  • Work individually with students to improve testing, writing, and participation outcomes
  • Instruct and assess students in both content mastery and skill development, especially writing and historical analysis.
  • Manage 3-5 sections of 2-4 separate courses at a time, including all instruction and evaluation.
  • Engage university students in both large lecture halls and small seminars through:
    • Time spent each day talking with students about their lives beyond the course material,
    • Discussion-oriented instruction,
    • Integration of visual, audio, and video content, and
    • Extensive use of varied primary source documents.
  • Engage high school students (at 6:00 AM) by:
    • Varying teaching styles,
    • Inviting students to share their strengths and skills with their peers,
    • Integrating games, challenges, and goals into the course,
    • Rearranging our physical space, and
    • Adapting course material for individual students.
  • Train and evaluate other teachers of adults and youth.

For more on my approaches in individual classes, use the tabs below the page header.