I have had several rewarding opportunities to teach community groups.

  • I have recently been invited to teach a course at the Huntington Library in San Marino this spring as part of their new Huntington U program. The specifics of my course are still being finalized, but I anticipate focusing on various aspects of movement in California history (migration from east and west, railroads, freeways, water, etc.) in ways that will highlight the Huntington’s collections while deepening class members’ knowledge about this wonderful state.
  • I always enjoy teaching teachers. As part of the Teaching American History grant programs, I’ve had the pleasure of addressing members of the Pasadena and El Rancho Unified School Districts on the topic of “Immigration in California and the United States: 1840 to Present” and the Lake Elsinore Unified School District on “The State, the Unions, and the Fairer Sex: The Twentieth Century American Economy.” After the latter meeting, the organizer (who holds an M.Ed. and JD) wrote share his perspective on the day’s success. Among other things, he wrote,

I credit your ability to engage the teachers in meaningful discussion, use relevant content, and maintain a conversational tone throughout. As one teacher commented, “Who knew a day of economics could be so great!”

I would be more than happy to talk with you about developing a specialized course or day of instruction for your event or organization. You can reach me through the “Contact Me” link at right.

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